Use Cases
Businesses can solve a wide variety of real world problems using HAMR.

The workflow design of HAMR™ pushes the limits of real-time processing by allowing organizations to run more complex analytics using a simple method, uncovering deeper levels of insight. HAMR is the only solution that easily implements analytics requiring multiple requests across multiple platforms.

Fraud Detection

HAMR can be utilized as a frontline solution for advanced fraud detection. It can analyze transactions, then cross-reference them to customer buying patterns and demographics. As streaming data is produced, an organization can determine the optimal frequency for analysis and report generation.

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HAMR's flexibility to pull data directly from multiple sources enables healthcare organizations to predict potential outcomes, based on diagnosis and symptoms, by analyzing patient data from multiple healthcare databases. These databases include, but are not limited to, EHR/EMR systems, medical research databases, NIH database, etc.

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Data Cleansing

HAMR is a Big Data analytics engine designed to pull data from multiple sources, transform the data, and make it conform to a given taxonomy— all in one intuitive interface. HAMR presents a compelling value proposition, on strategic and operational levels, because it reduces the number of steps, accelerates the process, and enables programmers and data scientists to use machine learning.

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